The Salvation Army Catherine Booth College of Nursing Alumni Association is an association of graduates for former students alumni. It organizes social events, publish newsletters or magazines, and raise funds for the organization. It also provides a variety of benefits and services that help alumni maintain connections with the educational institution and fellow graduates.
The Salvation Army Catherine Booth College of Nursing Alumni Association .
The Registered Office of the Association is located at The Salvation Army Catherine Booth College of Nursing, CBH Campus, Vadasery, Nagercoil.
The Salvation Army Catherine Booth College of Nursing Alumni Association will be directed towards advocating for the interests of present and future alumni and promoting the continuing excellence and success of the College of Nursing.
The mission is to serve and support the College of Nursing through efforts that enhance student learning, facilitate employment for graduates and create collegial relationships that enhance the individual and the reputation of the Catherine Booth College of Nursing.
The purpose of the Alumni Association is to create an impact on the lives of the nursing students.
The alumni members shall:
  • Meet together yearly.
  • Exchange Ideas, knowledge, Talents and Experiences.
  • Keep abreast of recent trends in nursing.
  • Conduct executive committee meeting of the association and elect the office bearers once in three years.
  • Honour the graduates during the reunion.
  • Conduct and participate seminars, Conferences, workshops and meetings.
  • Create and establish endowment for granting Scholarship and prizes to the students of TSA-CBCON.
  • Raise or collect funds by donations or contributions.


Prof. T. Angel Priya President
Mrs. Carolin Jeba Rani Vice President
Mrs. Johnsy RaniSecretary
Mrs. SugirthaJoint Secretary
Mrs. Nerlin Shima Treasurer


  • All TSA Catherine Booth College of Nursing graduated students are eligible to become members.
  • All members should register through online or directly by paying the prescribed fees.
  • All members should notify their change of address to the secretary of association within one month of change.
  • Registration can be done annually or membership or life.


  • Enrollment of members, formation of committees, sub committees and conducting meetings
  • Collect, screen and edit articles for publication in the newsletter.
  • Grant scholarship for eligible nursing students
  • Sponsoring scientific programme of the College of Nursing.
  • Generating funds for the association by means of donation, contributions, aids and membership fees
  • Developing an awareness of the College of Nursing history, accomplishments, programs and offerings.
  • Fostering a sense of pride among College of Nursing alumni.
  • Encouraging alumni to be lifelong participants in the College of Nursing community through service and leadership.
  • Providing the College of Nursing with insight into the needs and interests of the diverse constituencies it serves
  • Developing and sustaining mutually beneficial relationships among the alumni, students, faculty and leaders.
  • Supporting the Mission and Goals of the College of Nursing by:
    1. Financial contributions
    2. Promoting a sense of community
    3. Harmonizing nursing with gospel principles through knowledge, faith, and healing