Youth Red Cross (YRC)

The Indian Red Cross Society is a voluntary, humanitarian organization, established by an act of the Indian Legislation in 1920, having on its rolls the States, the Union Territories, the Districts and the Sub-District branches. Its activities are being directed forward to the “Prevention of Diseases, Improvement of Health and Mitigation of Suffering.” The Indian Red Cross Society realized the importance of the youth way back in1925 and established the Junior Red Cross (JRC) in schools and Youth Red Cross (YRC) in colleges.

The THE SALVATION ARMY CATHERINE BOOTH COLLEGE OF NURSING established its Youth Red Cross Unit during the year 2013 (Receipt No.3197). The YRC of our college is proud to reveal its activities that took place in the year 2013-2014.

  1. Promotion and protection of health and life. Promotion of Health and Hygiene.
  2. Selfless service to the sick and suffering.
  3. National Integration.
  4. World Friendliness. Promotion of national and international friendship.
  5. Disaster relief to the victims. Relief work during emergencies like flood, fire, earthquake and other natural calamities. Protection of environment to combat climatic changes.
  6. Service to others such as First Aid and Home Nursing.
  7. Eradication of social evils such as Drug De-addiction, HIV/ AIDS Awareness, Female Foeticide, Dowry, Illiteracy etc.
  8. Promotion of Voluntary Blood Donation & Eye Donation Movement.