Spiritual Activities


Venue : The salvation Army Catherine Booth Hospital chapel.

Date : 18/01/2017 to 25/01/2017

Greetings in the Name of Jesus
We have conducted a program which was proposed by the NCCI for 8 days as per the schedule of the above program among the congregation. The theme given was RECONCILIATION THE LOVE OF CHRIST COMPELS US (2 Cori: 5:14-20)
We all were excited to carry on a more togetherness and awareness among the students of The salvation Army Catherine Booth College of Nursing. We had the program for eight days on the following sub themes.

Day-1: God so loved all of creation (John 3:16)THEME-1
Our God is not biased. His love is not limited only to Christians but for all creation on earth.

Day-2: Grassroots Ecumenical Diaconia
Let us live our life for others, for God loved the world so much, he gave us his only son.

Day-3: Faith Affirmation: Dalits and Tribals/Adivasis are Human
Every one of us should join hands with the church to stand for poor people/Dalits/Tribals and bring in equality.

Day-4: Women overcoming bitter memories for better days
Do not stick with past memories, instead learn from the past and thank God for his countless blessings.

Day-5: Children and Youth Hope in the midst of turmoil
Working and praying for newness within in our entire life structure help children and youth to feel better

Day-6: Mission: Heart of the Church
Believe and live by the fact that Jesus Christ has risen lives and reign with each one of us.

Day-7: Relations: Building Communities of PeaceTHEME-2
Pray for unity of lord’s church as Gods love compels us to love each other.

Day-8: Blessed are the Peace Makers
Each one of us is called to love God and our neighbor. We should learn and practice value of love.

We thank God Almighty for the successful completion of the program. All the students and Faculties attended the program which made them spiritually and morally strong.